The Strawberry Stop

Mid Summer Reflection

Posted on August 6th 2014

So a another week goes by, we have had a quiet weekend so have had time to reflect on our summer so far….

It’s definitely been an adventure of unknowns – this is a brand new ball game for us and its been a total learning curve.

We have had amazing shows, good shows, and shows that we probably won’t go back to…. (but we shan’t dwell on those)…. Our enthusiasm to Strawb up the nation and take on the Midlands hasn’t waned, apart from maybe when we were driving back from London after a very long weekend at the Clapham Common Foodies…. Rich did very well to get us back in one piece and make it to work Monday morning (I digress).

However our summer is not over yet – and we still have some fantastic events ahead of us which we are all REALLY excited about.

We have Burwarton Show tomorrow, then next weekend another Foodies, Car Fest South and Hereford Food Festival the weekend after that, and we are REALLY SUPER excited about Jamie Olivers Big Feastival.

And now we have our Licence to sell Alcoholic Beverage there will literally be no stopping us. What goes with Strawberries…? Champagne of course!

A little note in reference to our blog last week which was very well received – Diversification is a currently a very hot topic at the moment, especially with the new series of First Time Farmers back on our TV tomorrow night, and our good friend James giving his Top 10 Diversification Tips in the Farmers Weekly this week.

Over and out for now.