The Strawberry Stop

Racehorses and Strawberries

Posted on August 19th 2014

photo 1 S & C

So this weekend just gone, we took our mobile Strawberry Stop Pop Up Bar to our first private function.

This was no ordinary party either, We were asked to take our deliciously fresh strawberries, and our fresh flavoured cream to Dan Skeltons ( you know, Dan Skelton, the very successful racehorse trainer) yard, for Owners Day. We were a little nervous, as this was kind of a big deal for us. This was our first outing to a private function (we are so used to shows, and foodie festivals) and we wanted to ensure that it was a success.

After watching the parade of some seriously snazzy horses, we started chopping and preparation. After a swift move (thank goodness our bar is so portable) we were serving up our Strawberries and Cream in the marquee to all of the wonderful guests.

Our only issue was that we couldn’t keep chopping fast enough, due to the constant que. Needless to say the feedback we received was amazing, and we were very pleased about how it went. We know our product is totally delicious, it’s so great when other people think so too! All in all it was a super evening out, and we hope Dan Skelton has a very successful season ahead.

A very busy weekend ahead – heading down to Sussex on Thursday to set up at Car Fest South, and watch out for us at a taste of Hereford this weekend, it wagons roll for us again.