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Posted on August 26th 2014

So if you follow us on twitter you’ll have seen us banging on about Car fest this weekend.

It was our first festival, and with every show this summer, each time we step into the unknown.

What to expect, how much will we sell? How much stock do we take? How many staff to employ? What’s the weather forecast..? etc and every week at Strawberry HQ we ponder all of these points…

Quite often we get it wrong, take too many strawberries, employ too many staff, don’t employ enough staff…. blah blah blah…. you get the point…

As I set up at Carfest – I was nervous, this pitch was expensive, we couldn’t afford to make a loss. However I needn’t have worried, whilst we won’t be cruising in a branded Bentley, we did ok, and are taking steps in the right direction.

We have an even bigger event this weekend, heading to Jamie and Alex’s Big Feastival, Fingers crossed the Weather picks up, at this rate we’ll be taking snorkels…

Find out how we get on next week.